Newest Aqara G2H Camera 1080P HD Night Vision Mobile For Apple HomeKit APP Monitoring G2 H Zigbee Smart home security Camera

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1. 1080P super clear

2. 140° wide-angle view

3. Zigbee Gateway

4. Full duplex intercom

5. One-key message

6. AI motion detection

7. Sound detection

8. Access to the Homekit ecosystem

9. Free alarm video cloud storage

10. Fast forward playback

Home security

1. Combined with the gateway function, it is convenient to check the status of doors, windows and appliances in the home

2. Observe the movements of family members, record daily life, beware of accidents;

3. Supervise the house 24 hours a day to prevent thieves from coming to the house, seize evidence, and protect property safety.

Remote interaction

1. Video call with family members remotely through the APP, caring about their daily life and sublimating family feelings;

2. At home, record a short video to share with family members who go out to share happiness.

Child care

1. When working or traveling, does the child study hard at home? Do you sleep late? Did you complete the housework? No need to worry, open the mobile APP, monitor the child’s work, rest and learning through remote video, supervise the child in real time, urge the child to have a more efficient holiday life, and develop good habits

Pet care

1. When not at home, cats, dogs and cats play naughty, trick, or destroy everything at home, share them in social circles through short video records, and share the joy of petting with friends;

2. Observe the pet’s diet, work and rest rules in real time, set feeding time and food intake according to the results, scientifically raise pets, and ensure the health of pets.

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1080P (Full-HD)


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SD Card


HD Camera

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