ZZHAIR 100g-200g 16"-28" Machine Made Remy Hair One Piece Set 5 Clip-in 100% Human Hair Extensions Natural Straight Hair

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The 1pcs set: you will receive

1×10 inch (25cm) with 5 clips each piece

Hair Care:

Mind your hair extensions to keep them in the best condition possible. They are valuable accessories to your look and are actually
quite easy to maintain. All you need to know is a few basic care instructions as outlined below. These tips can help you keep human
hair extensions looking fabulous and lasting longer.

1.Be Extremely Gentle
When caring for hair extensions, brushing or styling the extensions gently can prevent the hair from falling out. Use a soft-bristled
brush, start at the bottom and slowly work your way up. It is best to care for them more than you would your own hair.

2.Wash With Moisturizing Hair Care Products
Wash your extensions a maximum of 3 times a week with moisturizing hair care products. Because your extensions are not getting
natural oils from your scalp to keep your hair in good condition, this will keep the moisture in from shampooing while at the same
time not drying them out from over-shampooing

3.Use a Heat Protectant
Use a heat protectant on hair extensions to reduce the risk of heat damage whenecer you use a heated appliance on your hair.

4.Deep Condition
Once a week, carefully put your extensions in lukewarm water and apply a bit of conditioner all over. Leave for around 20 minutes
then rinse and let dry naturally – using a blow dryer will damage them if used too much. If necessary, put the dryer on a cool
setting (almost as if it was wind) .

5.Keep Ends Trmmed
As careful as you are, your human – hair extensions will most likely get split ends. To avoid letting the damage move up the hair
shaft, trim the ends every 6 – 10 weeks. You can do it yourself using salon scissors, or go to a hairstylist.


Q1: Can they be straightened, curled?
A:Treat the hair as it is your own hair. Use a flat iron/straightener, but as with your own hair, never use hot tools too often.

Q2: Can I dye or bleach the hair?
A:yes. The hair can be colored. As a general rule it is easier to darken the hair than to lighter the hair. We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye the extensions, coloring them yourself always poses a high risk of not coming out the shade you want. If you can not get to a salon, use a good quality hair dye and test a small sample first please.

Q3: Can I wash the hair?
A:you can wash them as you would your own. Shampoo and conditioner. Because the hair is not attached to your scalp, it is not getting the oils it should be. We also recommend using a hair treatment on them every few weeks.

Q4: Can I blow-dry the hair?
A:The extensions can be blow-dryed on low setting, but it is not recommended to do it too often. It is best to let your hair extensions dry naturally after washing them.

Q5: Why are my hair getting tangled?
A:Your hair can tangle due to dryness, oil, dirt build-up and not combing (wide tooth comb) out your hair daily. Make sure to wash and condition your hair at least once a week, comb the hair daily and use hydrating drops.

Q6: How long does it last?
A:This hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it for it last longer.

The seller reminder:

1. Why the color seems not exactly as the pictures show or the description?
Because different monitor have different displays, the same color may have a little color difference, even the same color number may have little difference. The final color please refer to the real goods
2.Why have the grey hair
As 100% human hair, we keep its original status, we will pick up grey hair in advance, but please understand there might be some minimum exists in the bundles.

3. Shipping Address Reminder
1.Express doesn’t accept any address with P.O Box
2.Please Ensure Your Address Is Correct, Changing Address After Parcel Left Factory Will Cause Extra 15$ When Delivery.

Additional information

Brand Name






Material Grade

Machine Made Remy

Wide of Weft

10 inches with 5 clips

Suitable Dying Colors

Darker Color Only

Can Be Permed


Color Type

Pure Color

Human Hair Type

Brazilian Hair

Hair Extension Type

Clip-in Flip-in

Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


human hair




100g 120g 150g 200g

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